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Using Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) to promote improved patient identification in telemonitoring


What does RFID and Positive Patient Identification have to do with Telemonitoring, anway? Chronic ailments, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary order, stroke, arthritis and others usually afflict us as we get older. More often than not, we experience more than one of these ailments simultaneously. To facilitate the monitoring and […]

Autonomic Heart Controller Device Concept


What is an Autonomic Heart Rate Controller? The idea for extending the performance of left-ventricular assist devices (LVADs) occurred to me more than 15 years ago. The idea led me to write a white paper at that time which has been maintained and archived on this web site. Discussions regarding heart rate variability (HRV) caused […]

Modeling Gauss-Markov Noise to Simulate Artifact from Medical Device Measurements


Why modeling of measurement artifact is a useful tool Oftentimes, in analyzing medical device driver performance as part of medical device driver development, it is necessary to recreate physiologic signals that emulate actual measurements. Time-varying signals reflect more accurately on the actual measurements from a patient as they are obtained from medical devices. Why Gaussian Modeling? Every so […]

Standardizing around the RS232 serial data adapter (Originally appearing on The Connecting Edge, June 2013)


The physics of medical device integration Over the course of the past decade, the subject of electronic medical health records (EHRs) and integration of data from bedside medical devices has gained much attention. Medical devices are used throughout the healthcare enterprise and for many reasons. Any individual who has had their blood pressure taken in […]

Modeling Post-Operative Minute Volume: Medical Device Integration from Mechanical Ventilators


Medical Device Integration from bedside mechanical ventilators Back in 1998 I wrote my first scholarly article on the topic of modeling spontaneous minute volume as it relates to human body systems. The focus of the article was to demonstrate how data collected from bedside medical devices could be used to model specific behaviors and trends […]

Contributing Author–Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology


Zaleski, JR, (contributing Author), Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology, (CRC Press, Phil Laplante, Editor-in-Chief).

Simple Compression Calculations Using MS Excel and Haar Wavelets


Haar Wavelet Compression From time to time I have been asked to provide explicit details on the mechanics and methods behind Haar wavelet transforms. The purpose of this post is to walk through two simple examples that demonstrate the use of the Haar transform relative to two one-dimensional signals (time signals). The details of the […]

Apple, Healthcare, and Steve Jobs’ Legacy


Tough Week for Blogging on Healthcare This has been a very tough week, and although I have made a point of attempting to make at least 1 blog entry per day, it simply was not possible due to the business of my schedule and travel. This coming week is no better. However, I felt strongly […]

Remote View and Monitoring of Mechanical Ventilator Data: 30th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference


A component for remote viewing and monitoring of mechanical ventilator data The original paper presented at the 30th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference is provided in the link here. Bioengineering Conference Poster on Mechanical Ventilator Controller: Abstract: Remove Mechanical Ventilation Manager Many medical device manufacturers provide methods for collecting and analyzing data from their devices. While […]

A suggested method to control heart rate pacing and stroke volume in left-ventricular assist devices and for patients undergoing heart transplantation


Controller Design Concept Update: this weblog article has been updated recently and a PDF of the document along with the new article is available here: Autonomic Heart Rate Controller Device Concept I present a concept for autonomic cardiac pacing as a method to augment existing physiological pacing for both ventricular assist devices (VAD) and heart transplantations. The […]

Nanotechnology: A Key to Future Diagnosis and Treatment?


Will the future of medicine rely on nanotechnology for treatment of disease? The average size of the avian influenza virus is on the order of 100 nanometers, or 0.1 microns. That a virus so small can wreak such havoc on the human body is a testament to the complex mechanisms associated with these infections. The […]

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